About Us

Dua Nut Foods Headquartered in Kollam, Kerala (India) is a Manufacturer – Exporter of cashew kernels over many years and its among the most reputed supplier of quality Cashew Kernels from India. We are totally committed in maintaining high standards and fostering a characteristics structure with the objective of developing, manufacturing and providing products with superior standards that are trusted and preferred by customers We have a wide supply chain network across the globe that enable us to meet the bulk demand of cashews kernels within a committed time frame. Moreover, we cherish a cordial relationship with all our vendors which enable us to offer high nutritional value products to our clients

The 'Dua Nut Foods' is a manufacturer – exporter of Indian Cashew Kernels of different grades was established and the organization was started in a humble way as a proprietary concern. Now the organisation have several factories and Advanced Packing Machinaries. The organization is now on the path of further expansion and diversification. The Organisation has implemented High Grade Products at process levels at Factory, Packing Centre and marketing level. We are one of the leading importers of Raw Cashew Nut from Eastern Asia & Africa. Also we are one of the leading exporters of cashew kernels in USA, European countries, Middle East and other Asian countries.

FSSAI REGISTRATION NO : 21319148000620


Mr. S. Muhammed Shan, Son of Mr. H. Shihabudeen, is a talented youngster gratuated in B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics). He had the rarest opportunity to get exposed to cashew industry at a very young age. He is very conversant in all aspect of the cashew industry, right from procurement of raw cashew nut, processing and marketing. Inherited wisdom & knowledge coupled with hard earned experience put him on fast track in understanding cashew processing and its phases to achieve proficiency in cashew processing, trade & process technology.


Quality is our basic strategy for survival and future growth. We guarantee that only the best cashew goes into our packing.


We are very much concerned about the quality excellence and timely delivery to the customer/consumer.

Annual Recorded Growth

Annual Sales Turnover 30%
Manpower Increased by 23%
Exported container increased by 43%